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Proper tire pressure is essential for off-roading on various terrains. Decreasing air pressure in your tires increases the contact patch, providing maximum traction on soft surfaces like snow or sand. Lower tire pressure also improves traction when climbing over obstacles as the tire can conform to the surface. It also allows for a more comfortable ride on the trail and reduces the risk of tire damage from sharp rocks or roots.

AEV’s EZ Deflator allows you to quickly and safely remove the valve stem core for rapid tire deflation. Simply screw the EZ Tire Deflator onto the valve stem. Turn the deflator knob counter clockwise to unscrew the valve stem core. Then slide the collar up to begin releasing air. Slide the collar back down to stop the airflow or to check your air pressure. Finally, screw the valve core back into the valve stem and remove the EZ Tire Deflator.

The AEV EZ Tire Deflator has been engineered and tested to ensure accuracy, without being affected by temperature, humidity or altitude. A high visibility, yellow rubber guard protects the easy to read dial that displays air pressure from 0-60 PSI in 1 PSI increments. A convenient storage pouch is included to keep your EZ Deflator safe when not in use.

  • Easy to read 2″ dial, showing 1 psi increments (0-60 psi)

  • Mechanical accuracy rating certified to ±2%.

  • Knurled brass knobs

  • Nylon braided pressure hose

  • Rubber gauge guard

  • Convenient storage pouch

  • Limited lifetime warranty