GODZ Manufacturing LLC began business in early 2022 when Grant Overturf and Drew Zedosky decided to combine their 10+ years of manufacturing experience into a business of their own. Grant and Drew met working alongside one another, becoming good friends and even better business partners through this start-up.  After several years together spending many nights around a campfire, their passion to build cool products and deliver worthy products to the heavy-duty market resulted in GODZ MFG.

GODZ is a Colorado based company that takes great pride in their state and all that it has to offer.  We are a rowdy group of outdoorsmen that want to bring US made, badass products to your vehicles, toys and more.  We look forward to meeting you and bringing you the best products that the industry has to offer. 

Grant Overturf - The 'GO'

Grant Overturf, co-owner of GODZ, and the 'GO' of the business has extensive experience in design, machinery and logistics.

Drew Zedosky - The 'DZ'

Drew Zedosky, co-owner of GODZ, the 'DZ', has plenty of sales experience in corporate America before beginning his sales career in manufacturing.  Drew continued his path in sales with the goal of building a startup outfitter popular in the Toyota market.