Durable Truck Shackles for Off-Road Adventures

Enhance your off-road readiness with our durable Truck Shackles designed for rugged terrain. Crafted from heavy-duty materials like forged steel or high-tensile strength alloys, these shackles ensure reliable attachment points for recovery gear, tow straps, or winch lines. Engineered to withstand extreme loads and harsh conditions, these shackles provide the robustness necessary for safe and effective recoveries, making them an indispensable addition to your off-road toolkit. Whether it's traversing through mud, rocks, or challenging landscapes, these shackles offer a reliable connection for any recovery situation, guaranteeing a secure and successful journey on the trails.


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AEV Soft ShacklesAEV Soft Shackle
AEV SOFT SHACKLES Sale priceFrom $54.00
AEV Anchor ShacklesAnchor Shackles
AEV ANCHOR SHACKLES Sale priceFrom $39.00
7/16" Gator Jaw Pro Synthetic Soft Shackle BlueSoft Shackle Green
ARB Soft Connect Shackle
Warn Epic Hyperlink IsolatorWarn Epic Hyperlink Isolator Red
Warn Epic D-Ring ShackleD-Ring Shackle
Warn Epic HyperlinkWarn Hyperlink
WARN EPIC HYPERLINK Sale price$119.99
Spydura Nightline 1/2" Soft Shackle