Quality Off-Road Recovery Boards for Trucks

Recovery boards are essential companions for off-road trucks, offering a reliable solution for traction recovery in challenging terrains. Crafted from durable materials like reinforced nylon, these boards provide a stable platform for your vehicle's tires to grip onto, effectively maneuvering through mud, sand, or snow. Their innovative design allows them to dig into the terrain, providing the necessary traction to free a stuck vehicle. Lightweight and easy to handle, these recovery boards are a must-have for any off-road enthusiast, ensuring a swift and safe recovery when venturing into rough and unpredictable landscapes.


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ActionTrax Recovery BoardsActionTrax Recovery Boards
ActionTrax Metal Teeth Recovery BoardsActionTrax Metal Teeth Recovery Boards
Factor 55 Flatlink Factor 55 Flatlink  Black
FACTOR 55 FLATLINK Sale price$146.00
Maxtrax LiteMaxtrax Recovery Boards
Maxtrax Lite - Black Sale price$159.00
Factor 55 Prolink XXLFactor 55 Prolink XXL Blue
FACTOR 55 PROLINK XXL Sale price$229.00
Factor 55 Flatlink XXLFlatlink XXL
FACTOR 55 FLATLINK XXL Sale price$229.00
Factor 55 Prolink RedFactor 55 Prolink Black
FACTOR 55 PROLINK Sale price$157.00
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ARB Tred Pro Recovery BoardsTRED Tan