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In 2017, Ford made a change to their Super Duty trucks by switching to a boxed frame. This not only improved the rigidity and lifespan of the frame, but also made some bolt-on upgrades incompatible. For those of us accustomed to grinding, drilling, and replacing parts, this required some creative solutions due to the new hollow, boxed steel frames.

The goal was two-fold: to fit a larger shock AND run something stronger than the single-shear, pin-style factory Ford mount. Those who have been following us for a while know we’ve been working on Dominator Kit (3.0″ King Shock) since the platform was released. There are few things to compare with the on and off-road ride of a 3.0″ Diameter shock but the constraints of the new Super Duty wouldn’t make easy work of squeezing these giant shocks into the factory infrastructure; nor would the pin-style factory mount hold up to the forces these monster-shocks would apply to them.

Bolt-on wasn’t an option, unfortunately – we are, however,  proud to have accomplished this shock mount without requiring the customer to pull the bed. Installation is as simple as cut, grind, punch, clean and weld. We had both shock mounts installed on the test truck in under 2 hours; not bad for the MASSIVE strength increase these offer.

The ARE NOT intended for use with factory style shocks, or shocks with bushings. We include the misalignment spacers to adapt any off-road race shock (I.E. – King/Fox) utilizing a 5/8″ Internal Diameter Uniball to the 14mm x 1.667″ mounting dimension. Although not required, these would made a fantastic upgrade to the Pintop 2.5 of E-Venture!