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The need for proper steering stabilization has never been more crucial. Until now, owners of 2005-2007 vehicles didn't have the option to upgrade to a "Carli" stabilizer, while 2011-2016 Super Duty models came with a light caster. However, it seemed that Ford had solved the issue with their 2017 Platform, as trucks began to come with neutral caster-shims and a mid-3° caster specification. Unfortunately, the caster spec has since decreased again. Additionally, the new style track bar, which integrates the ball joint into the axle end, has been causing multiple failures, even in trucks that are barely broken in. This has led to an increase in reports of death wobble in these nearly brand new trucks. To address these issues, Carli Suspension has developed the 05-22 Ford F250/350 4X4 Low Mount Steering Stabilizer Kit, which also comes with a differential guard for added protection.

Minimizing resonation from encountered road obstacles into the front end parts is KEY to combating front end issues like death wobble. We’ve always offered a high mount stabilizer to combat steering wheel feedback in these trucks. The stainless steel design is far superior to the factory unit boasting a custom valve profile improving control of larger aftermarket wheel and tire combinations, offered adjustability to combat right-hand tire pull and is fully rebuildable all while bolting into the factory location ensuring it’s not susceptible to trail damage like many aftermarket stabilizer units are that mount in front of lower steering linkage.

So why the low-mount? 2 Stabilizers is better than one, simply put. This is a general statement – sure, but it applies when looking at OUR product. The high mount braces the Drag link (upper steering linkage bar connecting the passenger side wheel to the pitman arm) close to the pitman arm, itself. The wheels/tires are pretty far from the point of stabilization. Think about it as though you’re trying to control someone’s hand movements by holding their bicep.