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Introducing the GODZ MFG PowerHouse for Switch-Pro RCR-Force 12: the ultimate solution for your truck's electrical needs. This compact 12V management system transforms your RAM Heavy Duty truck into an efficient electrical hub for any additional vehicle electronics. Crafted to perfection, it simplifies and enhances your vehicle's electrical setup.

The PowerHouse is your clean, hassle-free mount for the Switch Pros RCR-Force 12. Made of sturdy .125" aluminum, its durability is unmatched. Each bracket boasts a standard, resilient powder coat finish, ensuring lasting quality. Assembled in-house, the Switch-Pro trigger wires come pre-wired to the terminal block for immediate installation ease.

Installing the PowerHouse is a breeze, conveniently situated in the engine bay for hassle-free access. It's equipped with a top-notch, marine-grade Blue Sea Systems MRBF Fuse Block, Fuses, Terminal Block, Ground Block (Busbar), and Auxiliary Fuse Block—all included for your convenience.

Every PowerHouse package includes custom 4 AWG battery positive and ground cables, providing a comprehensive solution. With a pre-assembled setup, this system guarantees quick and effortless integration into your truck, ready to go straight out of the box.

Upgrade your truck's electrical organization effortlessly with the GODZ MFG PowerHouse, ensuring seamless control and connection for your accessories while eliminating the need for inline fuses.

In The Box:

  • GODZ MFG PowerHouse Foundation
  • Switch Pro RCR-Force 12
  • Blue Sea Dual MRBF Terminal Fuse Block
  • Blue Sea 150A Terminal Fuse (RCR-Force 12)
  • Blue Sea 100A Terminal Fuse (Aux Fuse Block)
  • Blue Sea 6 Circuit Fuse Block w/ Ground and Cover
  • Blue Sea 10 Gang Common BusBar w/ Cover
  • Blue Sea 12 Position Terminal Block
  • 4AWG Battery Cable
  • 4AWG Ground Cable
  • QTY (20) - 10/12AWG Waterproof Ring Terminals
  • QTY (15) - 14/16AWG Waterproof Ring Terminals
  • Mounting Hardware

    Tools You'll Need:

    • Drill w/ 7/32nd Drill Bit
    • 8mm Wrench
    • 10mm Wrench
    • 13mm Wrench
    • 14mm Wrench
    • 3mm Allen
    • #2 Phillips
    • Wire Cutters
    • Wire Strippers
    • Crimpers
    • Heat Gun or Lighter