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The CARLI SUSPENSION PERFORMANCE 2.0 SYSTEM is ideal for Backcountry and off-road enthusiasts who own a Power Wagon, 3rd/4th Gen Hemi 2500/3500, or 2nd Gen Diesel truck. This budget-friendly system optimizes ride quality for both on and off-road driving, so you can confidently take your truck on any adventure. Thanks to the Bilstein 7100 2.0” Remote Reservoir Shocks and a specially designed shock tune, this system offers exceptional performance on highways, city streets, and off-road terrain. With its durable steel construction, clear powder coating, and fully rebuildable design, the Bilstein 7100s are built to last and deliver superior performance. We recommend pairing this system with Full Progressive Leaf Springs for the best ride experience.

The Details: Your Power Wagon will sit ¾”-1” higher in the front (year/cab configuration dependent) thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. The included, front, Bilstein 5100 shocks are longer to accommodate the extended travel and are tuned by Bilstein for increase the suspension control in the Ram 2500 platform.

In factory form, the Power Wagons have the same control arms and track bar as a standard Ram 2500 but a 2” taller coil and longer shock. As the Ram is a short arm design, this pulls the axle off center to the driver’s side about ½” and back toward the cab about ½”. With this system, an Adjustable Track Bar is included to shift the axle back toward the passenger side, re-centering it while and provide a stronger link with less deflection for the lifted application. To shift the axle forward to the center of the wheel well, we recommend a set of Extended Control Arms (especially when adding 1” of lift from the Carli Coil Springs). The control arms are not included in the system as there are two options to allow customers to select whichever is best for their wheel and tire application.

The Factory Sway Bar Disconnect with which the Power Wagons are equipped works great for those wanting the two ends of the spectrum, rigid or flexy. For those wanting to land in the middle of the spectrum between these two end points, Carli’s optional Torsion Sway Bar removes the entire factory sway bar assembly replacing it with a torsion bar supported by fabricated drop brackets and delrin bushings. Fabricated sway bar arms and dual 5/8” FK heim end links round off the package. This is the single best bang for the buck, ride-quality upgrade offered by Carli Suspension when compared to the locked, factory sway bar. The Carli Sway Bar allows nearly bind-free articulation in low-speed applications; when things heat up, it allows the Carli Shocks and springs to breath while engaging progressively to provide control in high-speed cornering situations. Removing the factory sway bar may disrupt the axle-locker wiring, hard-wiring the locker may be necessary.

With this system, matching rear, custom tuned, shocks are included and we recommend the full-progressive leaf springs be optioned for optimal ride quality.

Wheel and Tire: This system will fit up to a 37” tire with our High Clearance Control Arms and Full Progressive Leaf Springs on wheels no more than 9” wide with 5.75” of backspacing. If running factory control arms or wheels; we recommend an All Terrain 35” tire. The more rubber, the better the small bump compliance will be at proper inflation pressures. The ride will firm up as you go larger in wheel diameter.