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Designed and tuned for the truck that spends its life on road with occasional dirt trails, this custom shock project was intensely focused on delivering a comfortable in-town ride and smoothing the freeway’s all while improving vehicle control for light off-road adventures.

The Carli-SPEC Commuter for the 2019+ Ram 1500 is the first of it’s kind within our 1500 offerings. The front coilover is a 2.5″ Diameter, non reservoir. In our custom tuning process, we found the additional surface area of the 2.5″ piston (vs. the 2.0″ piston in our previous Fox offering) resulted in a far better ride both on and off-road for the heavier front end. The empty bed is adequately handled by the included 2.0″ Internal reservoir shock.

On road ride tuned in to a beautifully smooth result – in fact, it’s one of the best rides we feel we’ve achieved to date. When the pavement ends, the ride is fantastic and controlled but, these shocks were travel limited to be compatible with the factory upper control arm AND are non-reservoir. Pushing them hard in the dirt will result in more frequent service intervals and top-out events as you find the limits of the down-travel bottle-necked by the factory control arm. If you’re looking for a significant improvement in off-road performance, we recommend jumping up to the Performance System equipped with King Reservoir Shocks and Carli extended control arms.

So, let’s talk lift height:

STOCK RAM 1500 4×4 Measurements
Front Fender to Floor 36.5″
Rear Fender to Floor 39″
Front Pinch Weld to Floor 13.5″
Rear Pinch Weld to Floor 14.75″


STOCK RAM 1500 REBEL /ORP Measurements
Front Fender to Floor 38″
Rear Fender to Floor 39.5″
Front Pinch Weld to Floor 14.75″
Rear Pinch Weld to Floor 15.75″


The above measurements are stock trucks with stock wheels and tires – both are Hemi equipped. We wanted to measure lift with all else held constant. The final results were measured on a 2022 Ram 1500 4×4 Hemi eTorque Long-Bed with the Off-Road Package (Rebel Suspension) with NO Ram Boxes or Multi-Function Tailgate and stock tires (before and after).

The below is pictured with the system installed:


Front Fender to Floor 39.5″
Rear Fender to Floor 40″
Front Pinch Weld to Floor 16.125″
Rear Pinch Weld to Floor 16.375″


The above measurements were, again, taken with stock wheels/tires. Adding aftermarket 35″ Tires will net around 1″ Additional to all the above measurements. From the above, we can conclude the Carli-SPEC IFP Coilovers will provide a standard 1500 approximately 2.5″-3″ of lift and the Rebel/Off-Road Package equipped Ram 1500s will see approximately 1.5″ of lift. We’ve seen deviation in the stock figures across the 1500 line, thus, these measurements can vary depending on model (1500, Rebel, ORP), motor, cab configuration, trim level, short bed vs. long bed, MFT, Ram Box, etc.

The above figures are intended to give you an idea of where your rig will end up with these coilovers (and rear shocks/coils) installed; we, of course, cannot guarantee these to be exact.

NOTE: Rear AND front figures will be altered based on the coil spring one elects to run in the rear. The front end will measure higher as the rear height is increased with the Rebel or Rebel HD Springs.

Are Upper Control Arms Necessary?

With the Commuter system, it’s not necessary to purchase the Carli Upper Control Arm. The factory arm DOES limit the travel of the Commuter kit; it is actually capable of about 1″ more travel than it’s spec’d with BUT, we had to install a short internal spacer in the coilover to limit the travel of the shock and ensure customers were not topping out on the factory ball joint in the upper control arm. The King Shocks we offer include our control arms and brake line kit to achieve this extra 1″ down travel. Being both budget and on-road focused, we limited the travel of the Commuters for safe operation with the factory control arm. If a customer decided to purchase the Commuter for its on-road prowess, the internal spacer could be removed by the user (or user’s selected shock service facility) to achieve the same suspension travel as the Performance Kits – this would require the Carli Control Arms and Brake Lines for safe operation.

Which Rear Coil Spring?

In the rear, we swap in our multi-rate coil spring. This went through several iterations. The 2019+ came with an all new spring that had us back to the drawing board. We wanted a spring that would maximize suspension travel while providing a supple yet predictable ride on and off the pavement. Further, we didn’t want to deviate too far from the factory load capacity. Our rear springs are shot-peened & pre-set for longevity of the coil (it won’t ever sag), then powder coated to ensures the finish quality is as good as the spring’s performance.

The Rear coil provides 0.5″-1″ of rear lift and runs 2 rates. The initial, softer rate is blocked out at ride height. This is NOT designed to be some super soft on-road rate – think of this as a “tender spring”. We wanted predictability in ride and handling so the truck will run on the 2nd rate unless the rear axle droops (off-road). Further, when loaded, it ensures sag is not exaggerated by initial collapsing of a softer rate. Take it in the dirt and, once the axle droops, the initial rate opens to keep the coil tight to its mounting perches while the extended travel shocks are pushed to the bottom of their longer stroke.

NOTE: We offer three springs for the 2019+ Ram 1500 Platform. The 1500 1/2″ Rear Spring included with the 1500 system is ONLY applicable for non Rebel/Off Road Package trucks without the Ram Box of Multi-Function Tailgate. The Rebel 1/2″ Rear Spring is included with the Rebel system (duh); these will work for standard 1500s with Ramboxes/MFT OR small constant loads. Lastly, we’re offering a 1/2″ Rebel HD (500lb. Constant Load) that will work for Standard 1500s with Ram Box/MFT or around 700lb constant loads or Rebels with Rambox/MFT or 500lb bed-loads.

More information on the Ram 1500 Development can be found HERE and the Rebel Specifically HERE.

As travel was extended in the rear, we spec our extended sway bar end links to maintain the factory sway bar through the extended range.

We recommend an 8.5″ Wide wheel with 4.5″ Backspace be utilized with a 34″ tire for best fitment and minimal trimming. 35″ Tires are doable but requiring more trimming.