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Size: A2: 49" (W) x 62" (L) x 14" (H)


Opens: LEFT



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The 23ZERO ARMADILLO® A2 & A3 SIDE-OPEN HARDSHELL is the ultimate solution for comfortable and convenient camping. Featuring a hardshell design and a spacious roof top tent, this product offers the perfect combination of durability and functionality. With easy side-opening access, it provides maximum comfort while on the go.

Sleeping Dimensions:

Armadillo A2: 56″ (W) x 78″ (L)

Armadillo A3: 72″ (W) x 86″ (L)

  • Rugged 14 GA Fully Welded Aluminum Hard-Shell uniquely styled and aerodynamic with semi-textured high-gloss black finish is trail-hardened and ready to deflect low-hanging branches or high-speed roadways in all conditions –  rain or shine!

  • 23ZERO’s One-of-Kind Light Suppression Technology® (LST®) Fabric is a leading-edge combination of a UV treatment, and an advanced Polyurethane coating that stays up to 15% cooler and ensures darkness (almost zero light penetration) until you open the windows to start your day. Sleep better than ever before in a roof-top tent. Control the light – control your comfort!

  • 2” Rebound Foam Quilted Mattress wrapped in a breathable quilted poly topper in olive. The newly engineered mattress has a higher latex content to resume its original shape much faster than traditional high-density foam roof-top tent mattresses. It feels firmer even though on paper it has the same specs as its predecessor. 

  •  Right & Left Side-Open Deployment allows an optimized placement on your choice of Overland Rigs ranging from smaller crossovers and wagons, to bed mounted mid-sized 4×4’s, to monster custom builds. In light of all international vehicle options