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The IVD 22-23 TUNDRA 1.25-3.25" Stage 6 3.0 Suspension System Billet is an advanced upgrade to the Stage 5 3.0 system for the 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra. It features triple rate rear coil springs and an adjustable rear track bar for enhanced performance. Additional components include 3.0 Series CDEV front coilovers, billet front upper control arms, a billet rear upper/lower link combo, a front sway bar drop kit, and 3.0 Series CDEV rear shocks. This top-of-the-line system offers adjustable compression damping, improved alignment, and increased front-end lift height range, providing both on- and off-road capabilities and accommodating up to 35" tires.

This Stage 6 system features the 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra VS 3.0 Series remote reservoir front coilovers equipped with CDE Valves. These adjustable coilovers allow up to 1.25-3.25” of lift height adjustability over stock when using the ICON billet front upper control arms, allowing the use of larger, more aggressive wheel and tire combinations. The larger 3.0 Series shocks offer 50% more piston surface area in the ride zone of the shock's travel, and 100% in the “Bump Zone”, compared to 2.5 Series shocks. The multi-stage hydraulic Bump Zone exponentially increases bottom-out resistance as the shock travels through the last 40% of travel, keeping vehicle dynamics in check during those hard hits or unexpected obstacles. Focus on driving and let ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) read the terrain and make near-instant adjustments via the Compression Damping Electronic Valve (CDEV) at each individual shock. Control the system wirelessly through the IIC app on your phone and once configured the system functions without driver input. Additionally, ICON’s Vehicle-specific shock length yields the maximum travel possible (up to 40% increase over stock), all translating into increased stability and vehicle control at the extremes of off-road use, with benefits also making themselves apparent in on-road driving conditions.

The included ICON billet aluminum upper control arm kit is designed to improve the overall performance of the new 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra with corrected front-end geometry, increased on-vehicle camber and caster adjustment, and improved suspension component clearance. Additionally, replacing the OE ball joint with the all-new, serviceable, and rebuildable ICON Delta Joint PRO allows for full bump and droop travel of the front suspension while eliminating bind.

The included sway bar drop brackets help minimize sway bar link bind through the suspension travel range. This helps the suspension move more freely and allows for the full range of wheel travel without overstressing any OE components.

The rear triple-rate coil design provides a softer droop and ride rates with a firmer overload rate that combine to deliver on-road comfort with excellent bottoming resistance and superior off-road performance. Specifically designed to net .5" of rear lift on a non-TRD Tundra or 0" of rear lift on a Tundra equipped with a TRD suspension Package desiring improved performance, but OE ride height.

ICON billet aluminum adjustable rear upper and lower links are made from CNC machined 6061 aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance. These link arm kits feature PTFE-lined FK rod ends for increased suspension articulation, reduced deflection, and on-vehicle link arm length adjustability using ICON’s double adjuster system. Additionally, multi durometer bushings are installed that allow for noise free operation and maximum angularity without the need for periodic greasing and/or other maintenance.

The ICON Billet Rear Adjustable Track Bar helps center the axle of your lifted 2022-2023 rod end threads allows easy “on-vehicle” fine adjustment of track bar length without requiring removal or disassembly of the track bar. The track bar is CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum bar, and anodized to match the look of ICON's billet upper and lower links.

Rounding out the Stage 6 suspension system are 3.0 Series rear remote reservoir shocks specially tailored for the 2022-2023 Tundra. 3.0 Series shocks boast 50% more piston surface area compared to 2.5 Series shocks, offering outstanding performance off-road and a smooth ride on the street. Increased internal oil volume and more external surface area compared to 2.5 Series Shocks, plus their remote reservoirs, offer even greater heat dissipation and resistance to shock fade under hard use. Also equipped with CDE Valves, these offer active, on the fly compression damping adjustment from soft to hard. Their pairing with the ICON V.S. 3.0 Series CDEV front coilovers results in balanced vehicle control from front to rear and an excellent overall driving experience for your Tundra.


  • Vehicle specific design for 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra
  • 3.0 Series front coilovers with ICON’s multi-stage, tunable hydraulic “Bump Zone”
  • Adjustable front ride heights from 1.25-3.25” of front lift over stock when used with included billet aluminum UCAs
  • ICON's CDE Valve technology allows for in vehicle adjustment of compression damping settings and active adjustment via the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC)
  • ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) uses onboard sensors to monitor G-forces and movement of vehicle chassis along with user defined settings to actively make near instantaneous compression damping changes
  • Billet aluminum UCAs for added strength, durability, and on-vehicle caster/camber adjustment for optimum drivability
  • UCAs feature the patented (U.S. Pat. 10,731,700) Delta Joint Pro with 90 degrees of total articulation
  • Included sway bar drop brackets reduce bind in OE sway bar links
  • Allows for up to 40% increase in front wheel travel over stock without overstressing OE components
  • Billet rear upper and lower links improve rear end articulation and allow for on-vehicle pinion angle adjustment
  • Triple rate rear coil springs improve performance and ride quality while providing .5" of rear lift (non-TRD models)
  • On-vehicle adjustable rear track bar properly centers rear axle while also improve rear suspension performance
  • 3.0 Series rear remote reservoir shocks provide maximum performance, 20% increase in wheel travel, and balanced tune with coilovers
  • All ICON shock absorbers are fully rebuildable and re-tunable