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The Ram 3500 Platform was specifically designed for hauling, which may not come as a surprise. However, the factory leaf springs can greatly affect the overall ride quality. Our various Suspension Systems offer a range of options to improve the ride quality, with some specifically centered around the Full Replacement Leaf Springs. While there may not be a substitute for swapping out the factory leaf springs for our progressive packs, there is a trade-off in terms of the factory payload. Our leaf spring manufacturer, Deaver, does not assign a specific capacity to these leaf springs and instead considers them to fall under the "light 3/4-ton" category, slightly lower than a factory equipped 2500 Ram.

This is a big deal for those who purchased a 3500 for it’s designed application, towing/hauling that want to run our systems for the coveted ride quality gain. The Carli Suspension Long Travel Airbags are now available for the 13+ 3500 Platform. The tapered piston, folding sleeve bag will not interfere with the ride quality of your suspension when not inflated and the internal bump stop in the bag affords an operating range of 0 to 100 psi (bags are rated to 2,000lbs./ea. at 100psi), suitable for big 5th wheels, work trucks, campers, boats, bumper pull trailers and hauling.

The Airbags will travel 12″ and run an industry standard 1/4″ airline and can be plumbed into existing on-board air systems. We provide everything needed to install the airbags and set them up for manual fill.  Again, these airbags were designed to work in conjunction with our Full Progressive Leaf Springs to regain the lost payload capacity and create an adjustable solution for varying loads. These will work with add-a-packs as well but are better suited to the full progressive leaf springs to provide the best unloaded ride and payload capacity.

Lastly, this kit includes all air fittings, schrader valves and 1/4″ airline to set the bags up for manual fill OR to plumb the bags into your exiting compressor system.

NOTE: Carli Long travel airbags will ONLY work with rear lifts that level to a 3″ Front lift. We recommend 1″-2″ of lift in the rear. These will NOT work on stock height trucks.