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FULL-SIZE Friday Blog: Week 1

Welcome to Full Size Friday’s, a blog where we will discuss all things full size and heavy duty trucks. The purpose of this blog is to provide valuable information on everything from new and upcoming products to general information about the trucks we love. My name is Drew, I am one of the founders and owners of GODZ MFG. In our first installment of this weekly blog, we are going to talk about the GODZ MFG origin story.

While I myself am relatively new to full size and heavy duty trucks, my business partner and co-founder Grant is not. I have been in the off road industry for about 7 years at this point, pretty much since the time I got out of college and could lock down a "big boy job." Right out of school, I purchased a 2017 Toyota Tacoma which started this crazy obsession (passion) for cool off road trucks and adventures. Initially, I worked in sales in Corporate America. While I was good at that job and it afforded me the luxury of building my truck, I was constantly working with local companies here in Colorado to see where I could edge into the industry.

In 2019, I stumbled across a thread on a popular forum, tacomaworld. It was here that I met a few like minded individuals who also had a passion to build something cool. Fast forward through a year of hard work trying to build new and innovative products and market them in a way that would grab the attention of the industry, this small little company was now booming and hiring new talent almost every month. This is where I met Grant.

Grant came to work for this company out of college, very much similar to myself. At first, we were just co-workers, but after a lot of nights around a campfire doing questionably dumb things (on occasion) we became great friends. Grant is the kind of guy you need in your corner, for instance, when you are building a house in the middle of COVID and the delays are seemingly endless, he will put you and your very hairy, very anxious dog up for months on end regardless of the fact that he is allergic. That is the kind of guy you want to have as a friend.

As time went on, I finally settled into my house and we continued to work hard at the company where we both met. During this time, Grant also got me into snowmobiling, which required a truck bed that was slightly longer than 5’ since a normal mountain sled is almost 13’ long and weighs 400-450 pounds. In November of 2021, I sold my very well built Toyota Tacoma and custom ordered a brand new 2022 RAM 2500 Mega Cab. My new RAM has a 6’ 4” bed and a Cummins Turbo Diesel. Not only do I have plenty of space to load a sled, but the truck gently cruises down the highway at 85 mph like nothing is even there.

This is about the time GODZ MFG came about. In early 2022, when I received my truck after a four month wait, I wanted to start building it. I asked Grant a lot of questions since he was on his second Mega Cab, a 2016 RAM 2500, and he knew nearly all the ins and outs of these trucks. As we got to looking for products to build out our trucks, we noticed a lack of support for full size trucks, especially when compared to successful and borderline saturated markets like Jeep and Toyota.

After several years of working together in the Toyota market, we decided we wanted to take our knowledge, skills and commitment and apply it to products of our own. Thus formed GODZ MFG in January of 2022.

Starting a business is a lot of work, especially when you still are working a full time job and have to focus on your new endeavor "after hours." We spent the majority of the spring and summer of 2022 learning about everything from website construction and SEO, to CAD and more refined manufacturing processes. In October of 2022, we officially launched our website, which is what you see today. By doing so, our goal is to offer a consolidated marketplace where we can fully outfit your rig with products that GODZ manufactures, in addition to products we don’t make that will still compliment ours. Essentially, we want to offer you a one stop shop for your full size truck.

The mission is simple, build products that are equal parts strong, user friendly, unique and elegant. With the industry moving forward faster than ever, there is no shortage of new and exciting companies coming to market. We are always looking for new ways to develop, test and improve our products. The end result is products that you don't have to worry about failing you when you need them.

This blog is week 1 of what will be an ongoing, weekly series. Every Friday we will release a new blog discussing full size trucks and how you can build the best overland rig possible. Next week, we will discuss the difference between ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks and ultimately help you decide what will be the best option for your next build.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!

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