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Many Super Duty owners may not realize that their factory sway bar is a major contributor to the rough ride they experience. Unlike the front coils and rear leaf springs, this often overlooked spring serves as a brace that links the axle to the frame. Unfortunately, this means that any impact on one tire is immediately felt on the other, causing a high frequency vibration and unpleasant chatter in the cab. Whether you've hit a manhole cover or encountered an off-camber driveway, the sway bar is likely to blame for these discomforts. With Carli Suspension's 4.5" lift kit and torsion sway bar, you can finally soften the ride and improve small-bump compliance. Don't let the factory sway bar limit your driving experience any longer.

So where does the factory sway bar come in? These trucks are heavy pigs… Even being radius arms (MUCH better for sway control than a 4-Link), a bit of supporting spring rate plays a substantial roll in keeping the body roll in check and suspension composed. The Factory sway bar is setup to load the truck to it’s MAX legal weight and haul it safely – for this application, there’s no better bar. Throw a 3,500 pound cab-over camper in the bed and hit some remote mountain roads en-route to your destination and it all starts to make sense why Ford did what they did.

For everyone that’s not loaded to the GVWR daily, the Carli Torsion Sway Bar provides the final link lightening the last spring on the truck maximizing the ride quality of the Super Duty Platform. Keeping your factory bar limits comfort, removing it completely makes for questionable control when hauling or emergency maneuvering. After several revisions and years in development, the Carli Torsion Sway Bar Splits the Difference perfectly allowing a small amount of differentiation side to side before progressively engaging to add the needed control as leverage is applied. Rip corners in the dirt with surgical precision knowing there’s exactly enough rate to hold the body steady while cutting your line through the dirt. Hit the tarmac and enjoy the benefit of the lighter rate bar cruising around town with it’s on-road feel reminiscent of an independent front suspension – no more chassis reverberation on small bumps and let the suspension dance in the level cab while hitting off-camber driveways.

In typical Carli fashion, there are no disconnects on the end links nor multiple holes in the bar to change the leverage applied. This bar is refined to work in conjunction with our custom tuned suspensions to throw an exponent on the ride quality. The rate is set, the bar will not hinder articulation justifying a disconnect. The Rate is the perfect balance splitting control and comfort – install and enjoy!