Are RAM Trucks the Top Choice for Off-Roading?

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Are RAM Trucks the Top Choice for Off-Roading? Exploring Features, Off-Road Capability, and More

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What this post will cover:

  1. Evolution of RAM Trucks
  2. Notable Features of RAM Trucks
  3. RAM's Commitment to the Off-Road Market

Last week, we talked about what size truck might be the best option for your next overland adventure. This week, we are going to start the discussion on the different brands of trucks. We’re RAM truck guys here at GODZ MFG and as such, that is what we are going to start talking about first.


Evolution of RAM Trucks

Dodge has technically been making trucks since the early 1900’s, 1917 to be specific. However, it was not until 1981 that these trucks adopted the RAM name. At this time, the hood also sported a cool chrome ram as well, and while you won’t find those on the modern trucks, they were indeed cool!

I digress. What we are really here to talk about is the modern RAM trucks and the features they offer that make them a superior vehicle in the overland and off road space. A lot of these points are going to be personal opinions, but I will do my best to keep this as direct and free of bias as possible so we can fairly compare the Ford and GMC/Chevy trucks in the weeks to come.


Notable Features of RAM Trucks

First let’s talk about the pros of the RAM trucks. There are several features on the RAM trucks that I feel puts them a step above the competition, the first of which is the coil-sprung five-link rear ends. 

The rear suspension offered on the RAM 1500 and 2500 trucks is phenomenal. The coil-sprung rear end allows for a ton of on road comfort whether the truck be loaded or unloaded. Don’t assume just because the rear end is coil-sprung it doesn’t have a high payload capacity either. The 1500 and 2500 trucks can still tote between 1,238 pounds and 3,999 pounds depending on the vehicle, trim level, and options selected. The payload capacity is very respectful and fits well within the load ratings that the competition has to offer. The coil sprung rear end is also something that you will only find in the RAM ½ ton and ¾ ton trucks. Once you step up to the 1 ton RAM trucks, you will find leaf springs regardless of whether you opt for the single rear wheel or the ‘dually.’ Additionally, all of the RAM trucks have an optional air suspension, which can be adjusted for comfort preferences. This can also be adjusted for your ride height preference and to help ‘level’ the truck. When it comes to overall comfort, the RAM trucks really do shine above the rest without sacrificing any capability either.

The next notable feature is the interior of the RAM trucks. Like most ½ ton or larger trucks they are spacious, however RAM takes it to the next level with their bucket seats and a center console large enough to make Mary Poppins jealous. The interior has quite a few features that I personally find to be better than what the other manufactures have to offer. The leather in the Laramie and Limited trim levels is legitimately softer and nicer looking than the leather found in my parents BMWs (I make a point to tell them that too.) Another very nice feature found inside the RAM trucks is their infotainment system. RAM’s uConnect is very easy to use and it allows you to flip between screens with one or two touches and no lag in the processor either. RAM has won A LOT of JD Power awards for best overall interior and as soon as you jump into one of their trucks you will very quickly understand why.

RAM has a few powertrain options available with most of them being Hemis in the ½ ton trucks, but they do also offer an EcoDiesel motor in the 1500s. In the 1500’s larger brothers you have the options of a 6.4L Hemi or a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel. All of the powertrain options push plenty of power relative to the vehicle it sits in making your long haul road trip easy. Whether you are towing a teardrop trailer or something a little larger, you have an awesome slide in camper or something more simple like a Lone Peak camper, these trucks will handle the adventure and all the gear that goes along with it.


RAM's Commitment to the Off-Road Market

The last point I would like to hit on is RAM’s investment in the off road market. With trim levels that include the RAM Rebel in the 1500s and now the 2500s, and the Power Wagon, which has been long standing in the 2500’s line-up for decades, RAM has shown commitment to us off roaders and overlanders. The Power Wagon is a top of the line truck and an excellent option for those that need something bigger than a Jeep. Jeep’s have a long standing prowess in the off-road world, but the new Power Wagons come equipped with stock front and rear lockers, locking transfer case and electronic disconnecting sway bars, just like a Jeep Rubicon. All Power Wagons come standard in a crew cab configuration with a 6’ 4” bed allowing for a relatively short wheel base for an HD truck. The equipped off road bumpers also allow for a great approach and departure angle as well.



All in all, there are a lot of reasons the RAM trucks are superb in the off road and overland space. Between great powertrains, supremely comfortable interiors, and uber plush suspension, the RAM truck will be ready for whatever adventure you can throw at it next.

If the RAM trucks don’t sound like a good option for you, then read our blog post next Friday where we will cover Ford trucks and their benefits in the overland space.

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